The Law Office of Suzanne M. Tsintolas

You are not alone.  We will help you find your way.

Suzanne M. Tsintolas is a practicing trial attorney with more than 22 years of experience in litigating discrimination, employment law, and defamation cases, primarily in Maryland and the District of Columbia.  She began her formal education with a B.A. from the University of New Hampshire and earned Master’s degrees from Troy University in Human Resource Management and Public Administration.  As a human resources professional concentrating in recruitment, staffing, and employment matters, she culminated her corporate career as the senior human resources director of a Fortune 50 company, where she advised and counseled senior and executive management on hiring and termination practices, staffing, and ensured compliance with federal and state employment laws, and EEOC, OFCCP, and AAP guidelines.  After earning her J.D. from Vermont Law School, Ms. Tsintolas honed her trial and litigation skills at two in Washington, DC. law firms before opening her solo practice in Maryland in 1996,  followed by her DC office in 2009.  From its inception, the firm has focused on resolving legal disputes rooted in workplace discrimination, employment law, and defamation.

Ms. Tsintolas is an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Since her appointment in 2007, she taught in the nationally recognized, ABA-approved Paralegal Studies Program with the School of Continuing Studies and

in a variety of corporate and custom-designed learning programs. Prior to joining Georgetown, Ms. Tsintolas taught legal studies at The George Washington University, Washington, DC and Montgomery College, Maryland.  Ms. Tsintolas is admitted to practice law in the Maryland Court of Appeals; the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the United States District Court for the District of Maryland; the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Circuit; United States Court of Federal Claims; the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit; and, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. 

                   The Law Office of Suzanne M. Tsintolas is an experienced boutique firm dedicated                                         to advising and representing those with valid workplace discrimination, harassment, defamation,                     and hostile work environment claims. We assist clients to ensure all required administrative                             processes are satisfied, and we exhaustively seek out solutions prior to instituting a lawsuit                               through pro-active negotiations and mediation in an effort to resolve disputes amicably.  In the                         event such efforts fail, we aggressively pursue justice on behalf of our clients, fully exercising all                       rights under the law in federal and state courts. 

                   Because it is a small firm, the Law Office of Suzanne M. Tsintolas provides unrivaled accessibility                     and personalized service to its clients. You are not a faceless client being passed around a huge                         brass-and-glass legal practice, waiting for days before someone--anyone, returns your call or                             email. We understand it is rare that a client seeks out an attorney for a wellness-check. More                           often than not, you are new to the world of litigation and you have questions, needs, and worries. We understand, and are here for you. Understanding the process can help ease the anxiety, and our goal is to continually collaborate with our clients to achieve the highest level of success.   

The Law Office of Suzanne M. Tsintolas takes great pride in the quality of legal services consistently offered. From a $600,000 jury award in Montgomery County Circuit Court in an age/sex discrimination case, to developing and expanding caselaw related to civil negligent misrepresentation in pre-employment negotiations in the State of Maryland, to pro bono/volunteer work with the homeless, our successes in and out of the courtroom have touched the lives of many in our communities. We strive to continue to improve the state of the law related to protecting those most vulnerable and look forward to working with and providing service to our clients in the future.